The Way to Recognize the Real Xiaomi Phone

Xiaomi has gained a lot of popularity as a smartphone company. One after another, Xiaomi has forced the smartphone market to be reshaped by bringing good smartphones to the market at low prices. Along with its popularity, the company’s phones also have a lot of clone or fake smartphones in the market. So when buying a new or second hand Xiaomi phone must be taken into consideration. Let’s find out, 7 ways to recognize real and fake Xiaomi phones.

How to recognize real and fake Xiaomi phone?

In the way described in this post you will be able to recognize the real and fake Xiaomi phone. Let’s find out.

M verification app

Xiaomi is quite aware of fake Xiaomi phones. Xiaomi has an app called MI Verification App, which can detect real and fake Xiaomi phones through some automated tests.

To verify genuine and counterfeit Xiaomi phones through Mi Verification app –

Download the app
Launch the app and turn on the “Turn On Performance Mode” option
Select the Scan & Verify option
Access this link using another phone or computer and scan the provided QR code
The app will then do some tests to find out if your phone is genuine or fake.
Note that many Xiaomi users have reported that the app is not working properly on their smartphones. If the method does not work on your phone, you can follow the other ways below.

Xiaomi phone verify with serial number

There is a product label on the back of the phone box. However, if you purchase the phone from a third party store or reseller, this label may not be available. If your phone has an authentication label on the back of the box, there will be a code. If you go to the link with the code and enter it, you will know whether your phone is real or fake.

MIUI ROM version
Most fake Xiaomi phones have custom Android skin installed. Enter the About Phone section of the phone’s Settings app. The MIUI version of your phone will be given in the mentioned section. Google to find out which MIUI version your phone should have and match it to make sure your phone is genuine or fake.

Benchmark test
Install the AnTuTu benchmarking app. Test your phone’s benchmark. Make a note of the score you get and Google it to match the benchmark test score you got with the benchmark test score of others for your phone. If there is a big difference in the score, then you have to understand that your phone is not real.

In-box accessories
When buying a new Xiaomi phone, make sure you get the accessories you need with the box. Also make sure that the box of the purchased phone is also Xiaomi’s authentic box.

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Comparison of price
One of the most important things to keep in mind when buying a phone is the price of the phone. Whether new or second hand, when buying a phone, make sure that you are buying the phone at a fair price. Some sellers may sell the phone with a small discount due to the campaign. However, additional discounts can also be a cause for suspicion. So when buying a phone, you must consider the price of the phone.

Antutu Officer App
Download the AnTuTu Officer app. It works just like the My Authentication app. The app scans and verifies whether the phone is genuine or fake by matching it to the original hardware on your phone.

Which method do you use to make sure about Xiaomi phone? Request to comment.

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